ZipLine Hostel Bovec

Have you always been afraid of heights? Join us on zipline Bovec and conquer your fears in the best way possible – by facing them at breakneck heights and a brave descent over the Bovec valley. Here, your fear will soon be mixed with adrenaline, which will eventually be replaced by breath taking fascination over the Bovec panoramic view and the veteran peaks of the Julian mountains.

If you can just imagine how it is to stand on a small platform at 1300 m of latitude, where the only company is your guide and primal nature to which you immediately soar, free as a bird and going 60 km/h at 200 m over the ground, then you’ve guessed the essence of zipline Bovec.

In order to free you from your fear, we will repeat this unforgettable experience on five wire ropes and together we will overcome an almost one kilometre descent.

Zipline trip: 2,5 do 3,5 hours.



Client: Aktivni Planet

Tags: Summer

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