Join us on the classic active journey with rafts in Bovec, which spawns over more than 10 kilometres, between the gorgeous waterfall Boka and tiny village Trnovo ob Soci. The unforgettable trip starts a mere shout from Boka, the largest and most watery waterfall in Slovenia. At the beginning of our rafting Bovec adventure we enter the crystal clear and lingering Soca. Our special and safe dinghies are rocking with currents to the point, where the Ucje river adds some water mass to Soca and thus we gradually, albeit excitingly escalate our speed and excitement. We are always under the watchful eye of the Velika Baba mountain of Kanin. The moment we see the steep slopes of Krn, the green banks start to narrow so our experienced guides will skilfully evade the rocks and other traps together with Your help. The green flowing path begins to show off its power and the water gets stormier each passing moment of playful anticipation. The tension is ever rising and the adrenaline is flooding in our active crew, which is getting ready for the last battle with final rapids. We expertly evade the boulders, that with their might invoke awe & reverence to mother’s nature miracles in humans. The raft is strongly yet relentlessly hitting the waves, so we firmly grab onto ropes before entering the final rapid and row to the bank with zeal. We’re out of breath, soaking wet, slightly tired, but surely refreshingly satisfied. Our active descent is finished with disembarkment in the idyllic small village of Trnovo ob Soci.

Flowtime 1,5 hour. Class II – III.


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