Predelnica canyon

Predelnica springs high in the Mangart mountain, which can also be seen from the road, if you drive from Bovec to the Predel pass. The emerald and clear water of Predelnica is just a piece of the puzzle of picturesque and wild landscape of highland Julian Alps. When the temperature drops way below, her fabled frozen waterfalls entice the fearless ice climbers. However, the spring is king here currently and the torrent of Predelnica offers different ways of entertainment. Canyoning Predelnica includes swimming, jumping into pools of crystal mountain water, descending on ropes accompanied by stunning waterfalls and exploring the secret corners of untouched nature of the Triglav’s national park. The view over the infamous Log walls will be forever embedded in your memory, while the Zgornja Predelnica offers a vast array of activities to beginners and experienced adventurers alike.

On the other side of Spodnja Predelnica the possibilities are rather different. The mighty boulders greet us at the threshold of the canyon entry. We probably all remember the devastating avalanche, which plummeted from the mountain into a tiny village of Log pod Mangrtom and left havoc behind it, which can still be seen in the grey route. In this part of the canyon we travel with the help of ropes, accompanied by various waterfalls, which make the tour even more alluring. The grand finale is the divine 40-meters high waterfall, which bewilders the audience every single time. After the demanding yet fulfilling adventure we leave the canyon behind in the small village of Log pod Mangrtom. Spodnja Predelica is suitable for those who are experienced in canyoning.

Walk in 30 minutes walk out 30 minutes. Streamtime 2 to 3 hours.

Walk in 10 minutes. Streamtime 4 to 6 hours.

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